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London Presentation Update

ON Tuesday I shall be the first of 23 presenters on my Ph.D. research at the Springer-Nature, LSE and Imperial College competition:  “Falling Walls” with my presentation “Breaking the Walls of Microdesign”.


I am to be the first of the presenters so it should all be over for me by five past four.  The winner gets a trip to Berlin for a finale presentation.


The competition is fierce with presenters coming from as far afield as Harvard.  I shall be representing Bath University in spite of my checkered relationshhip with that institution.

For this reasopn this blog shall be changing over the next few days as work begins to prepare it for my presentation, getting it in order for academic scrutiny.


Wish me luck!




  1. Chris White says:

    Hi Bruce. Haven’t been round for awhile on WordPress so catching up.
    Huge success and luck for your upcoming presentation. Sounds like you have some competition, but the fact that you’ve been asked to participate speaks volumes, and for Bath uni!! You are well up to the mark.
    I don’t (even now and I have read) have too much of a clue about the research and concepts behind it but it sounds exciting and the potential is so full of promise. Let me know how it goes. Fortune favours the brave so you should do fine. Chris.

    • Bioman says:

      Hi Chris – it better favour the brave for I am going into this with only a vague idea of how to proceed. I am out of touch academically but there is a lot I can say as a design engineer to contribute to the perspective on the issues facing one at the moment where breakthroughs have been coming through all the time. Thanks for the kind words and nice to hear from you, Chris!

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