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I have been invited to many.  Here is one:


Dear Dr. Bruce E. Saunders,


This is Alma, Program Coordinator of the WGC-2021. As I have tried to send you this invitation in last months but without any response from you, would you please give me a reply?


It is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to join the World Gene Convention-2021 (WGC-2021) conference, which will be held during May 17-19, 2021(next year) in Osaka, Japan. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would be honored to invite you to be a chair/speaker while presenting about Microdesign using frictional, hooked, attachment mechanisms: a biomimetic study of natural attachment mechanisms—Part 3 … at the upcoming WGC-2021.


WGC had been successfully organized in Singapore, Macau, Shanghai, Qingdao in the last eight years. More than 3,000 famous experts and scholars from around the world have participated in our WGC. During previous conference, more than 300 speakers and 30+ poster attendees had presented their up-to-date research and made a fulfill communication on timely issues in the field of life science and biotechnology each year. Meanwhile, it has promoted the communication of colleagues and collaboration of partners in this field. With the kindly praise and suggestions from our participants, we are confident in organizing WGC-2021 which would be better and more successful!


Aiming to promote an international exchange of scientific knowledge and experience in the field of gene, life science, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical, the scientific program of WGC-2021 will include plenary/keynote lectures and session talks as well as poster presentations under 6 major themes, mainly focused on break throughs in gene, advances genomics & genetics, new research of DNA and RNA, focus on basic research, the frontier research of life sciences, new biotherapy discovery, emerging areas for medicine applications, robust technology development, and cutting-edge Biotechnology. We certainly believe that WGC-2021 will provide a variety of opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise as well as network with worldwide research groups.


We expect your precious comments or suggestions; also your reference to other speakers will be highly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your replies on the following questions:


1.     What is the title of your speech?


2.     Do you have any suggestions about our program?


 For more detail of conference program https://www.bitcongress.com/wgc2021/


In addition to the amazing conference, you will benefit from the wonderful experience in Osaka, Japan. Joining in WGC-Japan 2021, you will experience mythical nature and culture of this most developed country in Asia, such as Mount Fuji, Shrines and Temples, Hot Springs, Kimono, Traditional Drama, and Amazing Food.


We sincerely wish you can accept our invitation and join us to contribute your invaluable experience and knowledge at this magnificent conference. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


Sincerely yours,



Ms. Alma Yang

Movie Rights

I am constructing this because I think there is a movie in my story.  Some of the things that have gone on have been miraculous, from eureka moments to those of deep depression.  This site is currently under construction and I hope to have it finished in two weeks time.

The Author

How a Fly Sticks to the Wall

Have a look at the new site.

Contextualising my work on hooks, let me say that the end goal is to solve the age old question, how do insects walk on walls and windows and the ceiling?  This is where future work lies, the near future.  Current MEM technology exists only ion the form of micron thick layered structures, but soon we will be manufacturing structures at this scale.

My research gave rise to a product mimicking the burdock hook, but what really is of interest lies in the depths of part 2, the imaging of tarsii.  If they weren’t so difficult to draw on solidworks I would be way ahead.

New Title to the blog

Hi Friends

As you will see the blog is having a facelift.  The subject matter remains the same but now I am applying more insight for you to show you what we can do now, or in the near future.

You will see I have written two new chapters so far, an introduction and a title chapter.

Thanks for you time