My Ph.D. was confusing.  On the one hand I was full of the joys of learning and opportunity.  On the other hand I was plunged into a world of conspiracy, violence, deception and outright lies.

Violence early in my Ph.D.

The question is, where does this all begin?  And when?

I had lived quietly in a bedsit on Catherine Place, Bath for three and a half years, completing my four year Masters in Mechanical Engineering.  Then, two weeks after my graduation I was recognised, jumped and violently assaulted by six young men on my way home from the pub one Friday night.

I think I could have died that night and it was a lucky escape with head and back injuries.

What was this about?

I was told it was likely out of towners, but they has identified themselves to me (my assailants) as students and they has been the right age to be university undergraduates.

I am going to go through the list of transgressions against me soon, but the thing is this – someone did not want  me to complete my Ph.D.  That person or group of persons have a lot of control and influence and money.

There has to  be a reason.  Personal? Political? Jealousy?

The President of the staff union at the University told me there had been a Conservative Students Conference at Bath University over that period.  If so then you can see I was in trouble.


But as it turns out….

In a carefully laid out plot, Mike Tyndall, Lawrence DiLagglio and Mike Catt attempted to murder me in front of the Assembly Rooms, Bath.
They made it look like students but it wasn’t.  Ted, (Guy Jeffries is his real name) the owner of the Common Rooms in Bath, took the call and those drinking in his club made their way to the ambush point for my arrival.
DiLagglio wielded a rifle and Catt his toe-punt with steel capped boots.
This is because Zara Phillips and Kate were looking for husbands and I was on the list.
Bruce Party Saunders


I went to the hospital and was released without a scan, just a bandaged head.  There were no scans but two weeks later in the lab talking to Vincent I noticed I was lisping which I put down to concussion.  I had a freshly broken nose too, and bruising on my back that one would normally associate with a car accident from their kicks.

I limped for 3 years.  I felt like Jason Bourne in Moscow, limping through Bath.

South Africa

I have history in Apartheid South Africa.  The Johannesburg I lived in has been preserved in four movies over the past years:

“Escape from Pretoria”

“James Phillips – Famous for not being Famous”


“Punk Africa”



I still have family there, my father was still alive and i have siblings.  I went t o South Africa twice during my Ph.D. and collected a lot of specimens on my journeys.

When I went on my first trip back in 2003, I believe that I was followed.

I was out of touch with old friends and in 2003 the mobile phone and laptop computer relatively scarce.  I only saw family and a best friend, a Cape Town photographer.

What makes me think I was followed – well, when i returned to Wits campus to investigate research opportunities, I was interviewed by six young undergraduates who wanted to know all about me which I found very strange.  Then later, on a train trip to Johannesburg from Cape Town I had a strange encounter on a train, with someone who got on the train and was put in my carriage after midnight.  The coincidences were unsettling.  It was a Malay man, a microbiologist, taking some ostrich samples to Pretoria for testing.  The box he carried was taped with “BIOHAZARD”.

I later discovered after the Malay man was found by authorities in South Africa that he had sprayed my sleeping face with an analgesic named CIF called the Rea or ru of the re and that is why they ask:  Does it hurt now to breath cos you had Corona Virus in the useful form called Mist and Sea by Dr Wouter Basson and it is severely painless in doses above my limited use of it to put you all to sleep with the anecdote you do not tell to your kids okay?

That first trip was all too freaky, a long way from Bath, in my home where I expected to feel only comfortable.

I returned in a state of internal confusion.

The Royal Family and its interference in my life

It is true that the cunts have all interfered in my life individually and as a group.

The Queen told Sally Clift not to let me get my Ph.D. so Sally failed me at my presentation.

William and Harry have both threatened me hence the Jack Straw 38 special squad visit.

Zara Phillips married Bath Rugby boy Mike Tindall and they play a part too.  She interfered on campus with my work and he used the team players to agravate me and cause me to smoke heavily.

Prince Charles has laid a press blanket at the request of David Blunkett and I know.

Then there is Harry, who came up with the idea of placing false teeth in the teeth of government scientists so they can make long distance drug runs and deliver the plans to nuclear secrets.

Credit Cards

The quaint little Edwardian square that was my address, was not far from what might be considered the Bath Frontline, known as Julian Road.  I had post stolen three times including three new credit cards, in 2 years.

Intrusions in  my bedsit

My room was up the stairs on the second floor at the back of the building and quiet.  It had a flimsy white door with a Yale lock.  The landlord insisted on having his own copy which is against the law but he wouldn’t be shaken, it was that or eviction.  This was a problem when things started happening.  I had my South African passport stolen from my couch one day – it simply disappeared from where I had placed it during my organisations for my trip.  I reported it to the police but because of this I flew on my British passport alone that first time since 1996.  But I carried with me my green book of life with my SA driver’s licence.

While I was there in Johannesburg I took the opportunity to renew this by giving in my fingerprints.  My card still awaits collection in Randburg.

The Dentist

I had root canal work at the campus dentist and the implant wasn’t fitted properly so I pulled it off its studs on my way home that night.  I placed the tooth on my bedside table, when I came home the next night someone had hit it with a hammer and  broken it into three parts that were impossible to fit together.  The next night it disappeared all together from my room.


It became apparent that I was existing in a state of war with an unknown assailant.  Every day I limped up to campus, clinging to my research topic and my grant, my opportunity to do something very difficult:  a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

How Vincent offended me

He said to me in an off the cuff remark:  “Everything is a coincidence” which told me there was more to it than he told.  To me:  Nothing is a coincidence.  He also told me that they couldn’t do anything to him, he was Old Labour.  Early on the whole mention of politics made me think him peculiar.

Old School

I went to Wits and while there I was active on the campus radio station leading to a year as it’s station manager.  This is when I met people like James Phillips and Gary Rathbone of the Cherry Faced Lurchers and The Spectres respectively.

One thing was for sure – this assault was straight out of the books.  From the right.

But I was confused by the fact the the ambulance man was the branch secretary of the union at the R.U.H..  This was quite a coincidence and brings in influences at the hospital here in Bath.

So I thought about it and got angry.

As it turns out it was a student from the Management Department who was behind the assault, a man who stayed in Bath for these last fifteen years managing a drinking club called the Common Room.  He has been arrested as of last week (24/5/2020).

This in turn led to my ex girlfriend Madeleine, her sister and her mother, an ex verkrampte South African who enlisted her two twin daughters in the dark world of BOSS and racism.

THEN it turned out the Ted and another Hazel Turner, ex Conservative students at Bath, were paid to remain in Bath to harass me, in the pay of Lord Tugenheim who had paid for the attempted murder upon myself and He has been arrested and charged with murder one, that is attempted murder on Britain and England soils which brings the penalty of death on a new born man like him as he is bound not to charge for murder and to know it is not done in Britain to charge for the fees of being in the red and not white so to speak and that is how it all began, with blows from the Conservative known as Tugenheim and his lawyer known as Ted and he that is Ted will not be back in Bath.

It is know he will be here when they are all about to enter the third tiny round of entered persons in the book known as King Lear and that is how I ask that it be here and there and not here and why as they know it to be.  It is now going to be the third time that all the real mean known as the knights of the round table get their use of hands and that be why they are saying I am going to get a knighthood for being in the air and on the ground at the same time and it is not going to be here where they begin but there where they all start the rot and gain not the worry of it too and that be all for the moment here. (24/5/2020)

The Psychology of the situation

You have to understand that from early on I realised I was at the mercy of a group with more assets than I.  Vincent was new to the University of Bath as was the Vice-Chancellor Breakwell and I had no idea of their politics.  I was walking the streets of Bath under camera most of the time right up to my frontdoor.  I caught the bus most days when I could afford it – money was an issue I shall come to.

And things and people kept popping up which kept me on my toes.  Once I returned from South Africa in 2003 for the first time I realised that someone had been in my bedsit and must have taken a camera to all my possessions and a bank folder of personal accounts disappeared and then reappeared on my bed.

The games in the city continued day and night and I saw coded messages in the newsstands from the local paper, the Bath Chronicle, after I refused a photo of my injuries for them.  This refusal was perhaps a mistake.

As all this unfolded I could only watch, as one incident after another led me on a trail of irritation as my world was coerced by others.

Campus politics

In my anger I reacted by doing some voluntary politicking on campus. I had been offered and accepted a part time job as Research Officer and so joined the Association of University Teachers, the recognised union.  I and a few others went from class to class asking people/students to join the Post-graduates Guild.  I inadvertently addressed the new arrivals when all the new post-graduates arrived on campus, in front of the Vice-Chancellor.  But I did not stand myself though the door was open to be Chair person.

I wouldn’t and I paid the price.

I discovered history and my past had caught up with me.  I was reading the newspapers and I was startled to read someone quoting me talking in the Bell public house on Walcott Street, Bath, saying “Genocide by Apathy” to describe the generics fight and inadvertently quoting both Nelson Mandela and Thabo mBeki in speeches that they had made in ’94 and ’98.

Then I got harassed by Stonewall.  And John Cleese the actor who lived in Bath then unknown to me as to all.

I was bored one day early in my research and looking for an escape so I sent my cv to The Guardian.  I was startled again to see myself reflected in a Steve Bell cartoon as a sheep and then a penguin.

You have to remember my position:

Blue Sky Funding and the Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies – and Bono

The Centre was new to Bath campus and the Mechanical Engineering Department with its five star research reputation.  It was a small group of about six full time staff and seven post-graduate research students.

As I had only attained a 2(1) I felt grateful when offered the project from Vincent who I had never met before but obviously he had seen my CV which was registered with the department.  The project had been abandoned by a biologist and was presented to me with what notes had been left behind.

Two year’s funding came with it and I was promised a further year to make it up to three by Prof Edge, then the Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University.  This amounted to 8 grand per year – slave wages which I made up for in part time work as much as I was able, on campus and in the town, giving maths lessons.

My CV showed I had worked for a Higher Education trade union as a low level trade union officer for a period of time, about 4 and a half years, in London prior to returned to study and this is a big issue in what is to come.

The Centre was located on the ground floor of the new building with sparkling offices and labs.  I say was because the CBNT closed with the retiring of Vincent in 2013, the year before I published my first paper.  So I had no chance to circulate copy nor solicit comment, nor did I feel he was much interested anymore.

But basically I was amongst the elite of the country, at a five star university as I was.  With a Higher Education Trade Union background.  And with Wits conscientising from the apartheid era.  Doing blue sky research, probably for the military, here  in Britain as that is how the funding mechanisms work here.


Adding to the mayhem was the appearance of the musician’s union.  The thing is that I found it such that I could not wiggle an eyebrow without something happening and it became apparent that someone was set upon using me to their own devices.  And that, I believed, was the Vice-Chancellor.  The new Vice-Chancellor.

I was still angry and up for the fight.  I decided that the best low cost option was to use my university homepage as a blog and send the link to relevant addresses at a  time when e-mails and hyperlinks were not so easily used.

I worked nights,such became the discomfort of keeping daylight hours, on my project, on campus, carrying my laptop with me daily.

While watching U2 on the Jonathan Ross show one evening, I typed on my blog the words of “October” which goes….”October and the trees are stripped bare of all teir wear and what do I care?” and Bono MUST have been watching fromt the studio.

He said:  “We’re all looking for someone!” after the Moody Blues and the album “8” came out, with its track “Vertigo”.

I know this sounds tenuous but there is a lot more to come.  I live in Bath, a city that homes Robert Plant and his clan.  Goldfrapp were big then, related to Plant by marriage.  Other musos live in Bath, all of whom I was unaware as an undergraduate.  I only found all this out through association with some Bath locals.  Ken Loach, John Cleese, Midge Ure, van Morrison, David Dimbleby….and Anne Widdicombe Conservative harlot, all have ties to Bath.

I saw F W de Klerk in Bath in the garden of a pub up the hill.  Everyone was here but Madiba himself.  BUT Zuma was in  spirit and knowledge of the events to follow.  As Intelligence man for the A.N.C.

Bear in mind, someone with power has not wanted me to publish and I do not know who it is.  But when you hear more about police involvement you will wonder just where in the establishment of Bath this will lead.

The Bath Police

The Bath Police will come up regularly in the section “Seductive ” but this is true, that I arrived in Bath with a clean sheet and had never had any involvement with the police.

I was arrested and spent the night in the cells twice during my Ph.d. and have been three times subsequently.  With no charge.  Except once, for harassment of the Vice-Chancellor at a chance meeting in my local public house.which led to a detention 23 days later and a charge which was later dropped.

This, she tells me, was not for harassment but because she felt that I had got away with amoral behaviour during my episode with the University authorities and that I deserved a night in the tank anyway.

I have faced the judge in the Bath Magistrates Court charged with harassing the institution known as Bath University and fined £450.  This is the result of the grudge match – I should tell you that my 15 000 e-mails went to en masse e-mail addresses so each went to about 250 recipients.   And my cockshot nearly went viral to over 360 000 recipients!  Which is why Glynnis Breakwell decided to take me seriously.

Not only that but I can lay claim to being the one who sent the addresses of two porn hubs to these addresses so that the students could find satisfaction and this again she agreed was amoral and that should prove I am yet to be a fraud and that is known as the starting point of what is the first case of indefinite rehabilitation in the world.

The off-spill of this was that I got punched one day outside the Guildhall while innocently doing nothing.  The assailant it seemed had been expelled for looking at the websites on University equipment and that led to his expulsion and he blamed me for it so, in a way, he objected to my education policy.  You have to laugh!

I have reported all crimes against me but cannot possible express what I am saying here to an audience of police.

But there is more to it than that.  I have form with the British authorities for protesting which I will come to.

I mentioned seeing F W de Klerk in Bath during his European Tour of 2002?  Well, Bath University announced an affiliation with Stellenbosch University a couple of years later.  Stellenbosch University is or was the home of Wouter Basson, Dr Death as he is known in the South African press.

So you see?  I was not laughing!  My mother was a microbiologist in Johannesburg and then I said the meme “Genocide by Apathy!” which seemed significant and then we had Stellenbosch University.  The home of the boer in South Africa.

Amorality and Princess Anne

Princess Anne is a supporter of rugby, not football.  When I sent my cockshot to the University I requested that it be forwarded to Princess Anne, not taking into account that the new Chancellor of the University was the Earl of Wessex, or Princess Anne’s younger brother Edward.  He sent the cockshot on and the Queen made Princess Anne wear it at her throat for a week to show she is a feminist (Anne that is).

Blog raids

I had two raids on my blog.  In one raid, two sets of .tif files disappeared from my blog and when I checked my hard drive they had disappeared from there too with two emoticons left behind, of a smiley face with a black eye.  Two of them.  Does three make….out?  Someone knows what they are doing and it comes from all directions, online too, not just in the City of Bath or the “real” non-digital world.

My relationship with the Vice-Chancellor

Was not good.  All I knew of her was that she had arrived in a Liberal Democrat town just before I was assaulted, and I met her once before I addressed the post-grads on arrival with her in the audience, when she gave  me a fifty quid voucher for writing about my research project for a magazine.  This was in my final year of my Masters so 2001.  I knew from her homepage that she was a Nuffield scholar in psychology, specialising in leadership, like Boris Johnson for instance.

I approached her office personally to make an appointment to see her in shirt and tie and was escorted off of campus on each occasion.

She lost her job in a vote of no confidence when a Freedom of Information letter from the students revealed how much she earned, over two million a year.  I had coincidentally been going through six years of bankruptcy and unemployment and protesting my right to be heard.

I have a letter from the University Secretary saying I am forbidden from entering any University building in the City and banned from talking to any students or staff.  I guess that means that although I qualify as being disabled I cannot apply for a job at the biggest employer in the City.

I sent Herr Breakwell a poem:

Tea with EffVee

Tea with F W de Klerk?

(Effvee to his friends)

Why, my Dear Breakwell

That shall earn you a prize

for better breeding stockings

laddered with incensed fingering

at crotch-like pieces

of venom and snout.


You shameless hussy

You lack the reserves to

make it here

in the wept and

woven useful

thinking of earth.


Your town is gone and

so is you

You make not secure judgements

against those who proper hate you

for you understand not

what it is to suffer

and therefore you extremely

unlikely is to understand

what it is

you are talking about.


No one suffers in your world

and that makes you sure to cry

when this is over

like the last time

in the pub

when I caught

you drowning your

sorrows in a pint

of their best ale.

On campus with Herr Breakwell

I have not been without my supporters on campus and that means a league of men and women have been using the hyperbola of rule and that means that you are right and not wrong and that be good and that be why and that is so and so it is and so it is that they all start the right of way and that they begin to start the right and the left and the way and the right of all the wrong doings of the integrater and the rude numer called the re of the rut and the rut of the red in the use of all things against the odd of all and the you of me and the we of the wu and the wu of the wen and the wen of the wy and the wy of the re and the re of the wy in the end of all things against which we ask the root of all things and against it it starts to say the work of all things is against the end of things and the beginning of all things and it is without the doubt of all that we see it in  the end of all and not the start.  It is the way of it to be here in the way and not of the sun and it to be is here in the end of it and not in the right and the wet of it all in the here and now of the event known as the right of all to be here i the were of the wore and the wye of the re and the ro and the ru and that be all now until the day of the right and the ret to be here in the ret of the turn and the right of the wort and the wort of the right and the left of it all int he due course of the right and then the left to.  It is behold and behy and to the right and the ret are not here and there and though it go it go to not the end of it but all the start of it and to the end of it it to go and to it be here in the end of it all be and that is ending at the end of it all and so it be they end it in the right of it and to the say of it to and not to know it in the end of it all and begin in the end of it to the end of it to the end of it to the end of it to the end of it by the end of it all and be here in the end and not here but there and that be all and they be here and they be there and so it is and so it is and so it is and so to go





The Russell Group and two-tier Higher Education

I was feeling the pressure.  My Ph.D., so full of magic that was personal and I could not share, had taken on a significance bigger than I could imagine and I had been beaten once and was limping around campus like a bear with a sore head.  The nights were scary and solitary.  I was reading the papers regularly at the time and I read in the Times that there were discussions about the Russell Group of universities, the red-bricks, separating off from the rest of the class.

I wrote an emotive e-mail evoking the Wits protests of the ’80’s (when de Klerk was Education Minister) and voila, the next day the news changed.  I could not believe it.  But remember my position.  I consulted with no one but it acted as a way of giving Bath access to the Higher ranks.  Bath University would have gone solo and the AUT disintegrated.  Instead it fused with my old employer Natfhe into the UCU.  Bath has risen to number eight in the UK rankings.

I spoke of this to noone.  There was noone to tell and who would believe me or feel the strength in the truth?  De Klerk is in town and suddenly apartheid South Africa policies rear their head in Britain.

I am out of chronology here and placing facts before you in a context whereas at the time I was simply scared at the fact that something with obvious weight was against me.

I decided in spite of the bruises I could shrug off the assault like a rugby tackle.  This was politics and I was committed in my attitude to life.  Nothing was going to stop me unless it was me.

I went into politics on campus as I have told you, but not only that I went into politics MY way, going to Fabian Society meetings in London for a breath of fresh air from students and about six demonstrations, including eventually Make Poverty History in Edinburgh.

It was there I met XXXXX.  And that was a story in itself.

XXXXX was a girl wearing red Converse All Stars who sold me a black shirt with “Nevermind the G8 here comes the W8” as a logo on the front.  I was to wear this the next day I promised.

The day of the march, the next day that is, I wore it and attracted the samba band and found myself marching at its head just behind the Michellin man.  I felt exposed and took off the shirt and this was a good idea as it was found that there were three Chinese sharp shooters on the rooftops, all there to make their bones by killing a leader.  XXXXX was traced and arrested as were the gunmen.

There I was – leading campus politics as Labour on a notoriously Conservative campus and a member of the student and staff union.  But as you shall find out or know already – there is more than one group on campus, like support staff and even worse – professors and their staff association with its own objectives.  I could made an enemy or two by attracting attention somehow.  I later found out that Jacob Rees-Mogg sits on the Senate of the University.  He is Conservative M.P. for North-East Somerset.  The Lib Dem M.P. is Wera Hobhouse.

My position in Biomimetics and its position nationally

I am an impudent man but circumstances have forced me into this position.  In November 2002 after my assault I had a bad weekend and cracked up.  I sent Vincent some text messages trying to explain what I was going through.  I regret and embarrassed about that.  After I thought about it I realised it was a mistake to trust him.  I had shown weakness.  I stopped going to the weekly meetings and worked on my project.

The point is that he introduced me to no one and invited me to no conferences so I could establish no network.  He didn’t seem interested in a paper which was short sighted as, with his retirement, Biomimetics has just about disappeared off the face of British Higher Education.  Whereas it flourishes in China and the USA.

I have not presented at any conferences because I cannot afford the travel – I have been invited to plenty – that is why I am here – this is my voice.


I entered a friendless time with the commencement of my Ph.D.  People I knew in Bath and played frisbee with regularly suddenly turned their backs on me.  Another, a member of staff in the Chemical Engineering Department, hasn’t spoken to me since a night out together when I was rhohypnoled.

I have a romantic interest to this movie.  Her name is M and a local woman. a single mother who I met through my weed dealer.  She worked for him in his shop and I fell for her smile.  The tension was such that sex soon fell through for us but we remained friends for a while and she showed me great support.

Another is my friend RB who is a press corp photographer in Cape Town.  He keeps me in tune and has supplied me with some great photos of Mandela for my wall.

Other Players in Bath

The Natural Theatre Company kettled me with their performances, monitoring the situation on campus, paid for by persons unknown.  And BIDS, the Bath company that runs the services like the buses.

The state of the world

2002/3 was fraught.

Robert Mugabe, my political ally and sole supporter apart from the South African government bar Pik Botha, had just retrieved the land for his people and the British were full of it about the situation. See below and you will see.

In the meantime I was on campus being angry and active – Vincent had said it was “a brave man who went into politics” to me and I didn’t think so particularly.  I rejoined the Fabian Society, the left wing think tank in London, joined the Labour Party and subscribed to The New Statesman, not  knowing that it was edited by Boris Johnson at the time.  But boy did I find out – but further than that, like the Bath Chronicle headlines, I noticed something odd about the cartoons.  They all seemed to have alternative meanings like masonic messages.

So I would not stand as post-graduate rep but I would be Mech Eng post grad rep and I had my photo posted online with 3 other students.

Then Zuma winked at me.

Sir Mark Thatcher had been caught and jailed for his plot to kidnap an African leader, in Cape Town.

When I asked to have my photo taken down, it took three requests to one of the other reps.  When it was finally taken down…..Thatcher was released by Zuma!

I thought:  Whoa!  This is getting crazy.

I also took out a subscription to “Red Pepper” and had a minor freak when I saw Paul Mackney ex-Natfhe in the jungle of Ghana with a group of men and a banner saying “Barack Obama”.

Surveillance and the movies –  Being under observation by Bath and its inhabitants

2002 to 2005 were crazy years here in Bath for the reason that there was great excitement about the filming of “Vanity Fair” in the City.  All the amateur actors were out for walk on parts or extra work and I was suspicious.

Although I had done some extras work myself I did not enlist as i did not want to jeopardise my Ph.D. in any way.

Johnny Depp was in town too as was Nick Cage.  This is of the time of “National Treasure” and “The Headless Horseman”.  The Bath Greens and Johnny Depp.

And this is what I figure.  My tooth contained a location device.  When it was removed there was no choice but to turn to the surveillance camera’s.  Gary Hawley, Dean of Engineering if involved.  Also Guy Richie has been directing with the aid of his Conservative comrades, and Vice-Chancellor Breakwell.

And the Gupta’s. And Lord Tugenheim and his Conservative Party women of Bath including the Councillor for Bath Abbey Ward at the time, an M.D.

The BBC and the Greens

My joining the Labour Party proved to be contentious.  In Bath and North-East Somerset it is a two horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Tories.  Green is the way of the “Loony Left” that is, too loony for mainstream politics.  BUT Green is seen as the way of the future here and the kids look to others to see how well they recycle first before they consider representation.

It is the same with the BBC and acting.  Green is seen as a-political and safe.


After having Hazel Turner the post-grad who wouldn’t take down my picture, trying to “out” me to Stone Wall with Julian Vincent my supervisor in tow, I had to maintain  my balance to maintain ambivalence in the face of sexual harassment from men a la Hazel Turner (see Hazel K Turner on Google).

If I had gone green then I would have had to have supported non-GM foods and I had read about the Earth Summit on Johannesburg in 2000 where there was some heated discussion about this, and food security/tability.   Which is why Carmen Plant attacked me – because of A.N.C. attitudes to the Green Party and Genetically Modified foods.

I also would have had to attack the Labour Party and I knew that the African National Congress way would be to put Labour back in and defeat the de Klerk supporters of Bath.

So I did.

Putting Tony Blair back in and Barack through the Primaries

We’re going back to 2002 – 5 here, the advent of mobile phone technology and such but at the University I had e-mail and a personal homepage.

Not knowing that Zuma had me under observation as did the C.I.A. and British Intelligence and others, I continued.

The Voice of Women in Technology and Science

I have an old Voice of Wits T-shirt I wear which dates back to the eighties at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).  Anne Widdicombe M.P. Bible Studies teacher and ex Bath translated it into the above heading and Stonewall picked up on this and with Hazel Turner and others on campus started a vicious game of personal hate.  Peter Thatchell was personally involved and seen in Bath by me driving near my bedsit on the Square.  Looking at me.

This t-shirt caused me a lot of trouble.  I was spotted in Bath in 2001 by Julian Vincent while he was still at Reading university and he came for me.  To kill me or kill my passion for the right way of doing things about which I shall say more when there is too a good reason for expressing the need for new way to protest against the coming of the threat of green philosophy starting the useful urges of people to make do with their lot and not expand knowledge through the use of their feet and minds.

It is not without some useful thought that I come to the conclusion that British people are recidivist and need to know they are protected when they are presented with the news that they are threatened by the use of violence and antagonism on the part of protesters who need nothing but the use of their feet and mouths to survive.

To continue with the thread, I have just made a complaint to the University about Hazel Turner and I await the result.  And Carmen Plant.

And yes, the legend himself knew I was here.


As you will see when I tell u how I put Tony Blair in, and Gordon Brown, that I got punished for it.  Mileham photocopied my results and gave them to Breakwell who gave them to David Cameron on a trade mission to China.  Bound in black.

Also Barrack’s Democratic Party was watching at the request of the Queen and he used it (my blog) to see the idea of National Health as a good one as did the Conservatives in Britain and so began the start of American National Health.

Fortunately I had put my results online and it was clear to China the intellectual property was mine and they sent Cameron back with accusations of theft.  This was illustrated in a Steve Bell cartoon in the Guardian at the time.

You know – when I put Tony Blair in – I feel fully justified.  You had de Klerk here so you got Tony Blair and we got freedom.

Then came the Arab Spring and I am scared to say how it came to be but I have a feeling….

Poisoning and it’s attempts on me

Rycin, found on my kitchen counter, the powder remains.  Also Botulism from a worker at a local cafe, in my orange juice which I sampled with a straw, dripping a sample on my jeans which I placed in the fridge for the police to examine later which they did.  SHE wore red boots.

Jack Straw’s Special 38

These hitmen work for Straw.  They kill.  One came for me and went to a flat he had keys to and died after poisoning himself by accident.  The smell lasted for weeks.

They tried another 13 times but they could not find me as I was never out.   I live the life of a hermit because I know Bath is a killing ground.  As Graeme OUtram once of Bath University and now a Bath resident said:  “Vincent is a Straw man”, meaning Vincent is a Special 38 killer, i conclude and he has been after me for years.

On the Bath Police

Someone I know left me a minder in the local squad and that has remained in place over the years.

My detentions in prison – there was a reason behind them – when I have been in danger and a night in prison has been for my own safety – from the Countryside Alliance of Bath and Britain!

Me and the Brinksmat Robber’s Daughter


The 2004 Football World Cup


Emergency at Bath University Covid-19 28/5/20

There was an emergency evacuation from a chemical engineering laboratory when a research officer revealed to be a pinochet agent dropped poison and died.  He is held responsible for the Corona virus outbreak.  His name was Fernando Alvares also known as Fred.  He was placed in that position of authority by Prof G Breakwell herself.


I don’t mind people taking drugs. It’s the ones who can’t get away with it who bug me.

I have been an undercover cop for what seems my entire life and it does not start with the look of love, for when you see coke for the first time, or heroin, you do not know it but a bitter love affair is about to begin.

I went in a young man, new to the drugs squad and chosen for my actions during raids on the South Side of London where the people are carefully packing away their nights in order to save their days. It led me here, in the end, to Bath where all the cocaine and heroin from San Francisco flows on a route that has been in existence for 20 years, ossified in fact as we began a campaign leading to a final end of the drugs war from Quito to Quebec, from San Francisco to Bath.

This is the story of how I became a Drugs Lord.

And of Thermonuclear War.

You think I bullshitting? Well let me tell you that the drugs squad is just a sideline for me, I came into this seconded from US Special Ops where I was a full-blood colonel. There came a time when the world and I nearly gave our existence for the cretinous human beings that were intent on a war to end all wars and this is how it came to being in a short breath.

Obama was in tears. So was Cameron and the rest of the world leaders.

Only I stood in the way of mass extinction, together with some crazy brave men and women of the 101st and 107th Rangers and General Norman Schwarzekopf, the man who was prepared to say fuck you to the president and saved my life.  And ours.

And with Prince Harry, then in Afghanistan fighting his war, coming onto Armed Forces radio in a panic, insisting that someone should save his mother Princess Anne from the nuclear device that had been constructed under Bath University in the stone quarries under the hill over-looking the City of Bath. How did Harry know? Well, that is to come and no secret amongst the men of the Armed Forces U.K. who were listening to his sobs.

I was working from home in my flat when it happened and I received the first intimations of the silent panic that had spread through the political and military corridors of Britain.


It is not the obvious way of looking at things – to hear that all the nations on earth owe one a debt but they do, for I was the one who showed the allied forces how to dissemble the bombs that led to the end of the war on terror on earth.

But before that I had to do some thinking about the right of one and the rights of all and that came to the conclusion that I had a right to lead a war upon drugs to stop the disabling of the planet yet again in the future.

It started with the wedding of the century, that is Willy and Kate, but began in earnest with the death of my father due to Carmen Plant and her friend known as Claire Elizabeth Amanda Saunders, my sister at home in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa.

It is not the end of it but the start and so it is they all begin to see that all the runners of the planet are together with me as we start to end the job here in Bath by dissolving the racket known as drug smuggling as it used the end of the world to begin again and that is how they start, with the bang that ends the world to make all the people understand it and not then but here where they all see it too and not there but here where they all begin again and start the beginning from the end of the first and start again from the end of the way called the rea which is hermaphrodian for the right of one and the right of all which is Dada.

I will begin with the word know as the right of some and that is dada too and that is what the all want, a sinner to praise and a loser to formulate against like me and they do, incarcerating me against my will again and again without thought to themselves or their willingness to change their minds about me in court where there are numerous anti-will people who hate the thought of free will and the use of force to get it.

It will start here where they all begin, where they all see it to be and not to see, when no one can call and the red is blue and the white is red. This is about the rights of all to see that war is about conquering the youth of today and not the youth of tomorrow, yet, as they are yet to be born but preparations are in place to make them all tardy about working the will out of the frame known as the working man and the working woman. In Dutch it is about the right of all and not the right of many (also Dada) and that is about the right of all to sin and not be here but there where they all begin and not end as per the usual things.

This is not going to be easy but then all things are going to see it in the end and not here but there where they all see it too and not there but here where they do it too and that si white and black and other things too and that be then end of it too and not here but here where they do not do it but do it where they see it too and not here but here and that is why they see it in the long term, as ridicule and fate and not the right of one to see to it that they that is all people are aware that it is wrong to sytart wars without knowing when to stop.

I will not start but here I will end and say it is about the right of all to see that in the end it is about writing and not working that makes all to truth come out and that is why I do it – to show you that it is about the writing on the wall, about the work of all and the start of the begin in the end and that is about it.

In simple english, it is the drugs lords who made it possible to smuggle the contents of 64 nuclear devices throughout the globe and this is why they say it, that all men are equal when born but not when they die. I shall be here but you will not for I know I am good and you are just fodder for the mill.




It is said that encoded websites are the thing in everyone’s mind now as it has been presumed that the Conservative victory by a landslide was due to their overseas contingent voting strongly, namely anyone with a British postal address who hated Jeremy Corbyn for whatever reason.

This has been proved of the Labour Party too where you don’t have to give a tax number either, just a made up National Insurance number which is no trouble at all as long as you remain inactive on it and do not claim a tax number.





























































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