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On the Linnaeus System of Classification

This has been challenged by Carl Woese in a paper I have yet to read. I too challenge it and wish to propose a further theory of evolution (there are 3 I think)

Consider each species Si (for want of a better name) as an individual, unrelated to others.  Each appears in the world at a different time in history di.

Each Si has a mass, Mi and a density, Roi and each is composed of different materials, mati,j, and each Si has a volume Vi.

Then we can say that Mi = Roij times Vij

Let Fi = Mi g = Sigma (Roij * Vij)g for i,j = n,m

Let each Fi be the weight of a species = xi, i=1…z

z being the number of species on the planet.

Let P = x * k = Force(x) due to gravity

Then P(x) = x*k

Then the integral of P(x) by Fourier Analysis =

The integral from 0 to z of P(x)

=  The Integral (Sigma  Mij*g) dx,  from 1 to z

=  The Integral (Sigma Vij*Roij)*g *x*k,  dx from 1 to z



Bruce E Saunders M.Eng. Ph.D.

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