I am known locally here in Bath as “Mad Bruce”.  I have been detained in hospital something like thirteen times in the last 13 years.  I am hopped up to the eye-balls on anti-psychotic medications.

But I deny any strange behaviour until I was put on the drugs.  Then the combination of being under psychiatric scrutiny, the drugs, gave rise to a lack of inhibition.

But am I mad?  The State thinks so.  It’s Dept of Work and Pensions computer says “Yes!”

The Chapter “Murder and Mayhem” explains some of the rigours I have been submitted to in the name of science.  They all had an effect.  They pissed me off tremendously.  Someone has been trying to stop me publishing and it began in July 2002 and has not stopped.

How did it all begin? My interaction with psychiatry?

Well, about three months after my assault, asleep in my bedsit alone, I started having strange dreams and then my though patterns changed.  I noticed another spontaneous voice in my head which I found very difficult to contend with over the years.  This is getting ahead of myself.

I went to the campus doctors and was cleared by the psychiatrist.  And a second opinion at the Priory paid for by the University.

Then came my car being burnt out and a shortfall in funds which led to to take a run from the inevitable.

It began as a grudge match between myself and the University of Bath students and staff.  A one-sided war of words as I started first of asking them to come to the table and secondly to understand that I was unstable in part due to the university behaviours and therefore the University was liable.  Which the university could well understand, surely.

This got me detained in hospital.  My grudge, my anger, was such that I was walking to the internet cafe three or four times a day to pursue the random logic of my arguments to the University.

I was spamming them.   I have sent everything from poetry to cock-shots.

The war or e-mails has continued now since 2005 and to date I have sent over 15 000.

For this reason, the fact that I have been detained once a year, they say I have relapses.

But if we look more closely, for surely an e-mail or a dozen is not enough for detention, we will find a discrepancy.

Medical Files

I requested and received the boxes of medical files.  I went through them and found a note by the first psychiatrist, that I had been seen outside the house of a Bath Professor late at night.  This no doubt would have been on the police report.

This is false but it gave them the excuse to detain me.  Police on my back should be my song.

I scanned in the document and circulated the pdf to the university including this Professor and his response was to me and me alone, which I did not find satisfying.   He sent a letter.

So it remains unanswered on my medical and police files presumably.

My First Medical Interlude

My first stay at the State’s expense at a NHS hospital mental health unit was at the Royal United Hospital, my local hospital’s unit here in Bath, the Royal United.

I was completely out of my depth.  I was placed on a section 2 on an open ward but I went over the wall the first night to send another e-mail of defiance to the University addresses I used.  I was picked up by the police and returned hours later.

The next day I was placed under section 3 for six months in a secure unit at Hillview Lodge.

This ended two months later with an appeal which saw me back in the daylight, blinking.  During those two months I escaped over the roof twelve times, to send e-mails and keep up the flow.

I also kindly had my computer delivered to me and it was during those months of 2006 that I was able to write up the final version of my draft which went online subsequently and was delivered in Vincent’s hands, though he denied me and my existence for another 7 years.

By now the Make Poverty History rally was over but I felt a person of significance.  So much had happened during my  blogging on campus that I could not share because i had done it solo.

I continued to e-mail first from an internet cafe then from the library and finally from my council flat in Bath.

During that time I have been detained by someone complaining about my mental health once a year.  In the inference is that I have lapses.  of schizophrenia.

All I know is I am trying to have a good time.

Another Twelve Detentions

I have seen England, from Salisbury Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) to Bradford low security hospital to Weston-Super-Mare to Basildon secure unit.

Each time the cycle is the same. Two months detention minimum before the first appeal on a Section 2 if they haven’t put you straight on a six months Section 3.  Six months detention without trial.

Salisbury PICU was scary and so were my fellow inmates.  Right out there on drugs and God knows what, life on the ward was very asylum-like.  Fortunately my stay there was limited to about ten days before I was returned to Bath.

So was Stevenage.  No daylight, internal smoking area, high security and little outside interaction on section 17 leave.

All the women patients were fat fat fat and depressed.  Cocacola and crisps from the tuckshop formed a staple in their diet.

My Assessment of my health

I think I have had PTSD since the assault which events subsequently have not allowed to heal.  I still sleep with my lights on, clothed so as to be ready in case someone uses a set of keys to get into my flat while I am here.

I smoke like a chimney from stress.  I smoke zol like a champ too and wonder about the Corona virus now I am on these anti-psychotics and God knows what they can do to one’s immune system.

Everytime I am taken out of the security of my flat into hospital I suffer a reaction.  Things go from manageable to unfine.  Sometimes I struggle.  Once I was carried the lenght of the corridor through eight fire doors and up two flights of stairs to an awaiting van on the street.  I almost had a heart attack – in fact the hospital wanted me to have a scan but I refused.  If I had had, my papers would not have been published.

My view of the British NHS Mental Health System

This is the worm’s eye view of a user.

I know the ropes and have been on a Community Treatment Order, that is, a public order to receive medication, off and on for a decade now.  I am not allowed oral medication because I have a history of refusing it.  Instead I get a needle in the butt every three weeks which is like having a tag on your ankle.

They say I lack insight.  Which is weird since i have noticed the treatment I have been given over the last fifteen years and it must have an impact on my perceptions of what is going on.  I say I am being railroaded.

Conservative Lord Tugenheim of Bath University

Lord Tugenheim was the Chancellor in 2002-5 and Zuma has told me that he discovered a permissions sheet on a raid of the University files.  This sheet gave permission for experimentation on me using Olanzipine and other anti-psychotic drugs.  The signatures of my three siblings were forged upon it.

Me and the MOSSAD

I was sitting in Shire’s Yard off Milsom Street, a quiet terrace with chairs to a restaurant when I noticed a man, whom I had seen sitting there before.  You see, I had a plan.

I was at war and the war having lasted some ten years at that stage I was growing weary.  I decided on a change of tactics and instead of wandering the streets watching out for signs of attack I took a camera out of my room and carried it on me for just an event such as this.

I took the man’s photo, once, twice and then I walked away, went home and sent it far and wide addressed for the attention of the MOSSAD.  This ma n, this Conservative Chairman of  Bath Constituency Conservative Party was none other than Jan Viroslav, Yugoslav war criminal.  He had never been photographed.  He and his brother were subsequently picked up.

As Head of MI6 Viroslav or Berman as he was known had once been seconded to the SADF in South Africa during the border war and had marched 20 000 South African soldiers helplessly into a minefield where they died.





To be continued



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