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This bog site has evolved over time. Originally it was a brain dump in an inappropriate theme, all my post gradaute research over three years crossing continents until eventually experimenting upon two already dead insects off the window sill of the laboraratory space in the research facility and a common grasshopper from a nearby field to the research facility (soon dead).

A single dragonfly one of a pair succumbed to the ether fumes as did a number of South African parasites.

And that is it. Progress was fast, buliding upon a Masters on Computer Vision.

I FOUND a new confocal microscope on campus and its impact was aparent.

With this novel microscopy one could render the plans to manaufacture at a very small scale, to thus far impossible. At the same time I was in a one sided battle of words vs indifference with the University of Bath who ceased all contect with me and did not offer even a penny towards the publication costs of the three papers weaned from this work, scurvy and starving as they are, mineral defficient but the best I could do as a single father who had gone through personal bankruptcy for his Ph D.

So I am bitter and I maintain this blog to further shame the University of Bath for their Apathy in the acts of faith that I have provided them.

These papers, published online by Springer Nature, are the sum total of my being in some ways. Then they were picked up by a Canadian editor H Galiana who proceeded to publish them as three chapers of her book: “The Biomimetics of Locomotion”.

I hope you enjoy what you read!


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